Wavefront LASIK, also called custom LASIK surgery is a type of eye correction which uses complex three dimensional measurements on how your eyes react when light enters them. Using these measurements, your surgeon can map out your eye and then use a laser to reshape your cornea. Due to the great level of detail, the Wavefront measurement system can enable vision correction which couldn’t be performed by using traditional surgery methods, glasses or contact lenses.

By using Wavefront technology your doctor can measure your eye’s ability to focus rays of light. This is then used to create a three dimensional map of your eye. This map enables your surgeon to see any irregularities in your eye’s ability to process. And using this information in conjunction with the laser, your corneal surface can be reshaped for the best results and any problems with processing images in your eyes can be resolved.

Although most ordinary defects in vision can be corrected through use of traditional LASIK surgery, glasses and contact lenses, there are some irregularities of the eye which can only be diagnosed and treated through use of Wavefront LASIK technology.

One of the major benefits of using Wavefront technology is that it can aid with the clarity of your sight and the way in which you see. Traditional surgeries, aimed to make you see clearly and are measured by scoring twenty-twenty on eye chart tests. However with the wavefront technology the way that you see will also be improved. You will notice improvements in the fine details and in the sensitivity to contrast.

How much you can see depends upon defects in your vision known as low-order aberrations. These refractive errors such as hyperopia, myopia and astigmatism can be treated by traditional LASIK methods. How well you see depends on the distortions in your vision and these are known as high-order aberrations. Customised LASIK can treat the high-order aberrations such as a loss of sensitivity to contrast or problems seeing at night. Glaring, halos and shadows can all also be treated by using customised LASIK treatments. The Wavefront technology creates an individualised laser correction program for the surface of your eye. This is then guided by a thorough analysis of errors in your vision, detailed by the way light travels through your eye.

There’s several benefits to using Wavefront technology in terms of the quality of your vision including;

  • A greater chance of achieving twenty-twenty vision
  • A better chance of exceeding twenty-twenty vision
  • A lower chance of losing optimal correction for your vision
  • Less risk of a loss in vision quality
  • Less risk of losing sensitivity to contrast
  • A lower chance of glaring
  • A lower chance of problems with seeing at night
  • There may also be a chance to correct problems from previous refractive surgery