When the central vision becomes blurred even after using glasses, then this is symptom for ARMD. The patient may notice the following:

Colors seem less brighter than they are

You require a brighter source of light when you read

You experience difficulty in recognizing other people’s faces

The words in the newspaper or books become blurry.

Visual distortion should a particular symptom to look out for. The straight lines would become crooked or wavy for example.

The development of blind spot occurs in the center of the visual field. This blind spot would grow larger as time goes on because more rods and cones are becoming degenerative in the macula.

ARMD is generally painless. Dry-ARMD develops at five to ten years before it becomes severe. But wet-ARMD causes severe visual impairment and loss over a short period of time like in a few weeks or a couple of months. Always remember to see an eye specialist or an optometrist immediately because the early stages of wet and dry-ARMD can be treated.

The symptoms may not be very obvious if only one eye is infected but the symptoms become noticeable if both eyes are infected. Other eye conditions such as glaucoma can also be checked during routine eye check-ups.