This is a condition wherein the eyelids turn inward toward the eyes. This leads to the eyelashes being rubbed against the cornea or the front of the eye. The most affected areas are the lower eyelids.

Symptoms of an Entropion

  • The patient might feel pain and Irritation in the cornea or the front portion of the eye.
  •  The patient would experience watering in his eyes.
  • If an entropion is left untreated, this may lead into the cornea being damaged or the formation of a corneal ulcer. Remember that a damaged cornea will affect eyesight.

Causes of an Entropion

This condition in UK occurs in the elderly especially since the muscles around the eyelids have become weak.
This condition is generally caused by trachoma, an infection which affects the cornea in the tropical countries. This will lead to the disruption and scarring of the eyelids which would turn it inwards.

Treatment for an Entropion

The treatment for entropion is a minor surgery to return the eyelids back to their normal position. This stops the eyelashes from rubbing into the eyes. The minor operation is very successful and can prevent further damage in the cornea. You may also be prescribed with a lubricating eye cream or ointment to care for the cornea. The patient may also opt to tape his lower eyelids to his cheeks while waiting for the surgery.