This is a condition where a minute cyst or a swelling filled with semi-fluid is present in the eyelids. This is also known as meibomian or tarsal cyst.

Causes of Chalazion

 Small glands located below the inner eyelids make oily fluid secretion to aid in lubricating the eye. Once these glands are blocked, the fluid secretion cannot be drained as usual and this develops into the cyst.

Symptoms of Chalazion

  • Tiny lumps begin to develop in the eyelids. This may look very unsightly.
  • This condition also causes moderate pain and irritation.
  • Once the cyst gets infected, it begins to swell and is very painful.
  • Vision is not affected and as the cyst would continue to grow, it could only affect a fraction of the patient’s vision.

Treatment for Chalazion

  • No intervention or treatment. This condition can improve by itself in a matter of months.
  • Hot compress. This helps ease the eye irritation. The hot compress is held firmly in the infected closed eye. The heat coming from the compress is usually enough to free the discharge in the cyst. Once this happens, chalazion is cured.
  • Antibiotic ointment. This may be advised if the cyst becomes infected with bacteria.
  • Minor operation. This option can be advised if the cyst does not subside on its own and after receiving no improvement from other treatment options. The eyelid is dabbed with local anesthesia and a tiny cut is made in the eyelid to free the discharge inside the cyst.

Recurrence of Chalazion

This condition can happen just once for some but other people may have them for a number of times. This can be prevented by applying hot compress to the infected eye and massaging the eyelids every day.